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Western Australian Zoroastrians Celebrate Jamshedi Navroze 2009



On 14 November 2010, ZAWA organised a picnic at Burswood Gardens. Burswood Gardens is a pristine riverside locality. On a holiday it is literally crawling with people who have come to spend a stress-free day with their families

The site was suggested by Homee Wadia as a very good site for a picnic and By George, he was right. The open lawns provide a nice place for kids to play. Gazebos provide shade for young and old alike. There is a cycling path, clean public toilets and abundant fresh air.

A game of volleyball was enjoyed with the brand new volleyball set purchased by ZAWA for sports enthusiasts. Everybody had fun if not for playing, for punching the ball around.

Kids had their fair share of fun too. Three-legged race, lemon and spoon, dodge the blind guy and sack race were among the highlights. Besides volleyball, there was also finding the shoe and sack race for the adults.

Picnic lunch consisted of beef and chicken sausages, vegetable and lamb cutlets and two types of salads. And since it was Shernavaz's birthday, Anahita personally bought a cake for the occasion.

ZAWA Picnic at Burswood

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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