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ZAWA Celebrates Navroze 2000

Well the Zarthushtis of ZAWA celeberated Jamshedi Navroze on the 19th of March as it was a weekend. Everybody dressed in their finery attended and it was a grand success . The function was held at the KOHINOOR Indian Restaurant, located in Hillary's. At the entrance of the Restaraunt there was a traditionally laid out table by Farzana and Jehangir Irani and their family with all the things starting from the letter 'S', as it is done in all Irani households. Homi wadia requested that we all join in a HUM BANDAGI and we recited the 'ASHEM VOHU AND YATHA AHU VARIO'. The lunch was a very tasty affair, every body also enjoyed the 'falooda' which was provided by Cyrus and Villie Mistry of Travelbuzz. It was delicious. The kids all had a good time taking lollies from the table.

A raffle was organised and tickets were sold at a nominal sum of 3 for $5, or 1 for $2 . Prizes for the raffle were donated as follows:

  • The first prize were two mystery flight tickets were donated by Cornelia & Vizak Irani of Harvey World Travels North Bridge. This prize was won by Kuky and Homee Wadia.
  • Kashmira and Sharukh Mistry of Mazda Computers Joondalup had donated a computer game, which was the second prize. This prize was won by Farah Mehta.
  • The third prize was a food hamper purchased by ZAWA. This was won by Neil Shahzadi.

We also had a visiting Zarthushti Mrs. Tehmi Mukadam from Canberra and we hope that she had a good time. All in all the function was a grand success.

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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