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ZAWA Celebrates Navroze 2006

Mount Clairmont Community Centre and Library

Pre-Luncheon activity in the kitchen. Firoz and Villie peeling and squeezing lemons

Meet and greet

Shalayne replenishes potato chips

Recorded music provided by Bernard and Heather Lyons

Young proud Zarthusties (Kaitlyn, Shayaan and Yohann)

Farzana and Farzana smile for the camera

Jehangir and wife Farzana in traditional dress

Kermin, Ushta Te and Geive pose for the camera

The Youth Table

People engrossed in their discussions

Homee, Noshir and Jehangir

Everybody enjoying themselves

Homyar replenishes the potato chips

Nergish and Zeiba

New members Jennifer and Gustad Sadri

Chairman Vizak introduces the new ZAWA members

Maharukh guards the raffle prize with her life

Shalayne talks about the 4th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress

Lunch is served

Villie serving Biryani

Cornelia also serving Sali Boti

While Villie looks pretty and smiles

New members Arooza and Ardeshird Irani with Jehangir on left

Banoo digs in......

As do Farrokh and Persis

Cyrus and Zenobia take a break, while Shernavaz enjoys her lunch

Shalayne displays a platter of Gulab Jamuns

Cyrus and Homyar help out in the kitchen

Some satisfied Zoros

Darius and Gustad engaged in heavy discussions

Some more satisfied Zoros

Prize-winner Mahrukh looks on, as Vizak auctions out the prize (hand-painted platter) by Gool Chapkhana (centre)

Ex - ZAWA First Lady - Roshan

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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