Proceedings of the 12th World Zoroastrian Congress will be available on a ZOOM live stream for the 4 days of the Congress. 

All the activities and sessions hosted in the Grand Ballroom shall be streamed live. However sessions where the speaker(s) have requested us not to record (professional reasons), will not be covered.

Livestream Online Attendee Pass is priced at US $149.

You will need to sign into ZOOM with your email address and then purchase the Event Pass.

To log into the live stream on the day of the event, you will need to log into ZOOM and then start the event from there. The event will be streamed at the following times on each day as noted:

          July 1: 8:30 PM to 6:00 AM (Aust. Western Standard Time)

          July 2: 9:00 PM to 8:30 AM (Aust. Western Standard Time)

          July 3: 8:45 PM to 11:45 AM (Aust. Western Standard Time)

          July 4: 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM (Aust. Western Standard Time)

Streaming may stop during coffee, lunch and other breaks. To see exact times please check the ‘Schedule’ page.

 While we will take all possible measures to successfully stream the events, we regret any glitches that may be due to circumstances out of our control. Event Passes once purchased are non-refundable. The ZOOM Livestream will be in Webinar mode and viewers will not have the ability to chat or interact.

To purchase passes or to seek more information on these sessions, please check out the below website.